Cocoa butter

Unrefined cocoa butter is a pale-yellow vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans.
It is rich in natural fats, antioxidants and vitamin E.
You can use our cocoa butter not only for cosmetic purposes, but also as a food product. It is great for making chocolate, and as a skin cream, hair moisturizer, lip balm, or soap.
It is a certified organic product with no additives, chemicals or animal ingredients.

Unrefined yellow and ivory shea butter

Both types of shea butter are unrefined and come from shea seeds. In Ghana, this oil, like many other products, is most often handmade in the traditional way.
The main difference between these two types of oil is that during the production process, the yellow oil is mixed with the root of the borututu tree, which is traditionally used in African medicine. Yellow shea butter is used exclusively for cosmetic purposes – skin cream, hair moisturizer, lip balm or soap making.
In addition to cosmetics, ivory shea butter is also used as a food product – instead of butter or margarine.
Shea butter is certified organic, free of additives, chemicals and animal ingredients.