Tiger nuts (black and brown)

Tiger nuts are edible tubers that grow on the roots of the Cyperus Esculentus plant. They become superfoods due to their properties and high nutritional value.
Tiger nuts are a good source of fiber. Eating tiger nuts regularly can help lower glucose levels, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and improve digestion. It is also considered one of the most effective aphrodisiacs grown in Ghana.
In addition to being consumed dried, raw and baked, they can also be made into flour and used as such in various recipes or used as an additive to various foods, drinks, smoothies…

NEEM tree seeds and NEEM tree leaf powder

The NEEM tree contains many biologically active and chemical compounds that are very useful in the treatment and, above all, in the prevention of a number of diseases. NEEM is a popular ingredient in natural hair and dental care products.
From bark to leaves and even flowers, fruits, seeds and roots, all parts of the NEEM tree can be used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agricultural purposes.
When it comes to the seeds of the NEEM tree, it is not recommended to use them for a long time and in large quantities.
The use of seeds is prohibited for use by children, pregnant and lactating women, due to the active ingredients included in its composition – azadirachtin, nimbin, picrin, sialin. These active substances can lead to a deterioration in the health of people with vegetative diseases, as the immune system is more active, so their use is prohibited.
The seeds, like all of our products, are non-GMO. Drying seeds is done naturally, in the sun.